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The mod also introduces several mercenary factions based on historical cultures: the Black Army is based on the Black Army of Hungary, the Boar Clan are the warriors of iron-age Gaul, the Elephant Guard are African tribesmen with a hint of Ancient Egypt, and the. To lighten the burden of creating a believable fictional culture creators often base one or more of their creations off of real human cultures from various times or places. The

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only first was that the mason brotherhoods, the Bilderberg group, the uoif (Union of Islamic Organisations in France) all colluded, putting their respective hatred behind to make their pawn win. The East Coast Brotherhood of Steel under Elder Lyons is inspired by early Prussia. Suspension of Disbelief by having one's creation seem too strange.

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Estalia is pre-unification Spain Portugal and Tilea is Renaissance Italy (complete with rival city-states and leaning towers). The Kaysani have similarities to Spain, especially their religious fanaticism (although it's sun-worship here several names (e.g. Well, it's an expy for Isengard, but there's a lot of Sparta and ancient Greece in there, as well as Spartacus. Yuktobania and Estovakia are the Soviet Union (being a federation of sorts) and the former Yugoslavia/Czechoslovakia. The nomadic "Grazer" reindeer are obviously a counterpart to the Sami people, though with much more power and influence. Another thing is that Sootopolis, while located near Yakushima, is actually based off of Santorini in Greece. This can be played for anything from a subtle influence (a few dishes and accents) to absurd comedy (a Canadian Bright Republic with hockey, Tim Horton's, and everyone going "eh" a lot). Kutou (protected by Seiryuu and Yui) is Eastern Imperial China. The Ixamitl Plains have Nahuatl aesthetics and naming convictions.

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Boneville in Bone is clearly a cartoon version of the United States of America. They also don't really like going to wars much, due to their dark history full of war-time atrocities. They also use some Persian-Indian music as their theme as the places they populate tend to have some semi-Hindi sounding music. There is justification for Ancient Tevinter's Roman-like culture due to its founder being a Roman legionnaire and the first Outlander. Communism, Confucianism and Buddhism all uphold selflessness and unity. A lot of this in Thera : Legacy of the Great Torment : The Kingdom of Avalon is very much medieval England with some Arthurian legend thrown.

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